Updates on Popcorn, Camp Cards, Pinewood derby, JTE, and Blue and Golds!

Popcorn - Unit payments are due at Roundtable one check or cash is welcome. 

Pinewood Derby - The District Pinewood Derby is set for April 1st, location TBD

Camp Cards - Orders can be placed at roundtable

JTE (Journey to Excellence) - Forms can be turned in at roundtable, must be in by 16th

             Forms can be found here.

             Find where your unit stands for #2, #3, and #5 BC JTE 2016_Info From Council.xlsx 

Note for #3 retention, if you had several youth age out just adjust your numbers as needed and mark your JTE Scorecard appropriately.  

Note for #5 advancement: This is based off the number of rank advancemnts in the system as of Nov. 1st. If you number seems low, how you put in advancement in Dec? or Are there advancements that need recorded with the Council? 

Day Camp - Dates are June 12th -16th, Get your FREE placemats for Blue and Golds with info on camps and games on the back by ordering here.

FOS - 2016 goal has been made! Congratulations Black Creek. Lets make 2017 a success! Submit your 2017 COH or Blue and Gold date here.