Religious Emblems Display Team - RED

At the heart of the Scouting movement is “Duty to God.” The Cub Scout Promise, Boy Scout Oath, and Venturing Oath all stress the importance of reverence toward God.

Religious Emblems Display (RED) Teams are groups of speakers who make presentations on the religious emblems programs in order to increase the awareness of these programs at district and unit levels. RED Teams do not provide religious instruction. They provide information - information about the religious emblems of ALL faiths so that all Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Ventures will have the opportunity to earn an emblem of their own faith.

The religious emblems programs are key spiritual components of the Scouting movement. These programs have been created by the national religious organizations/committees. They help young people to become more active members of their own faith group and encourage spiritual development by providing specific religious instruction. These programs are overseen by and/or taught by religious leaders and administered by religious organizations, not by the Boy Scouts of America.

Religious emblems can play a vital role in the overall development of young people. Besides providing specific religious instruction, the religious emblems programs share many of the values that are integral to the Scouting program, e.g., service to the community, intergenerational relationships, friendship-making skills, and positive self-esteem. The religious emblems programs provide opportunities for young people to reinforce and internalize the values they have learned in Scouting and to relate them to their faith.

Research has shown that when young people are involved in both a religious organization and a civic youth organization, the number of positive assets increases while their at-risk behaviors decrease. Search Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota has identified 40 developmental assets that are essential for a child’s healthy development. One of these assets is involvement in the religious community. Local Scout councils can turn to the religious emblems programs to help develop this asset for youth. The religious emblems programs will involve multiple sectors of the community: the religious institution, the family, and the local council. The more places that deliver the same message and teach the same values to youth, the stronger the youth will be.

The Black Creek District has just announced the formation of the Religious Emblems Display Team. This team is a group of volunteers who are trained to make presentations on religious emblems in order to increase the awareness of these programs. The Religious Emblems Display Team does not provide religious instruction. The purpose of this team is to provide information – information on ALL faiths so that youth members (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers) will be encouraged to work on and complete the religious emblem of their own faith. The Religious Emblems Display Team will provide brochures at no charge for distribution at council, district and unit meetings. These brochures answer the most frequently asked questions about religious emblems and provide information on all the programs. The Team also is available to make short presentations at unit meetings on the religious emblem programs.

Please encourage participation in the religious emblems programs!

For more information or to schedule a presentation contact:

Paul Bejger ph: 613-6718 e-mail: [email protected]
Pete Sikora (Catholic) ph: 276-3412 email: [email protected]