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  • Merit Badge Fair 2018 - Class Schedule


    I just got a look at the list of Merit Badges for MBF 2018!!! 

    On behalf of our Scouts and the MBF Committee, a huge THANK YOU!!

    Thank you to all for volunteering to teach this year.

    If you know someone who is still interested in teaching a class, we will continue to add classes thru March 5th. We look forward to seeing you and a successful event.

    You can see the schedule here.  (updated 2/22 9pm) Registration will open at the end of this week. 

    Want to be the first to know when it opens? Join the Merit Badge Fair tet alert group by texting @mbf18 to 81010. Please include the @. 

    MBF Committee 2018,

    Bryon & Lisa Barber

    Jennifer Adair

  • Postpone opening registration for Merit Badge Fair 2018.

    Hello Black Creek Scouters,

    It is unfortunate that we have had to postpone opening registration for Merit Badge Fair 2018.

    The delay in opening of registration is due to lack of counselor's and Merit Badge classes.

    This is what we currently have to offer our Scouts:

    Climbing, Cooking, Welding, Woodworking, Camping, First Aid, Lifesaving, Fingerprinting, Fire Safety, Horsemanship, Personal Fitness, Personal Management, Public Speaking, Engineering, Family Life, Geocaching and Baden Powel New Scout Program.

    As you can see from above we only have 17 of the 136 Merit Badges available. In the past we have offered 30-35 Merit Badges.

    We are in desperate need of the following Eagle Merit Badges:

    Citizenship in the World, Nation and Community


    Emergency Preparedness

    Environmental Science





    Along with any other Merit Badges in which you may have subject matter knowledge or experience.

    On behalf of our Scouts - We beg of you to please volunteer to teach a class. Keep in mind the Scout does not need to complete the entire Merit Badge and a partial completion is acceptable.

    Please go here and sign up ASAP.

    Our hopes are to have registration open by February 19th.


    Merit Badge Fair Committee

    Bryon and Lisa Barber

    Jennifer Adair

  • Merit Badge Fair 2018

    Merit Badge Fair March 9-11 at SJRB at Echockotee

    Check out more information and sign up to each a class here.

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