Sign Up Season will soon be here! Below are a few steps your Pack can take to be ready for the fall.


1. Fill out the Pack Information Form (download at the bottom of this page) land return before July 16th. This allows the District Membership Committee know your Pack is ready to receive new families into your Pack. It also allows the staff at council start to make the personalized flyers that your Pack will be given for your sign up night.

   Form can be emailed to

2. Turn in contact information for your Sign-up Night Chair. (See feedback form below) This person will receive updates through out the fall and will be the point of contact for the District and new parents.This person should be sure to attend the August Roundtable.

    Fill out form below or email information to by June 23rd.


3. Hold a Back-to-Pack event to bring your Pack back together before new families join your Pack.


4. Hold a Parent's Orientation Meeting 1 to 2 weeks after your sign-up night. This is a good time to give parents more of the nuts and bolts of Cub Scouting and your Pack.