Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have a wonderful opportunity to help feed hungry children and families in Clay County.

Participate in the ongoing Food Drive that covers the months of November, December, and January to restock the shelves of local Food banks in Clay County, due to the bad economical conditions for some families.


Pick an area of Clay County where to do the food drive. Make sure you contact Elaine Halley) cell: 612-8165, home: 272-0429 or e mail [email protected]). so we don't overlap areas.

Prepare plastic bags with printed message stapled to the outside of the bag.

The message should include:
  • Pack or Troop number, contact info (name and phone to an adult leader in the unit)
  • Purpose of collection (collection to Clay County food banks)
  • List of items (non-perishables such as canned soups, fruits, vegetables or meats like tuna or spam or also macaroni and cheese).
  • Give the day and time when the scout will be back to pick up the food.
  • Ask the homeowner to please place the bag at end of their driveway , or on their porch, or by their mail box or some other designated location.)
  • Also thank the donor in advance for thinking of others.

Any questions?

Contact Elaine Halley cell: 612-8165, home: 272-0429 or email [email protected]