Black Creek District Camporee

Where: Camp Shands  When: December 7-9, 2018


The registration will not increase and stay $15 for the youth participants.

The Adults however, sorry but we had to change the registration for Adult leaders this year… we knocked $5 off and so you will only be charged$10 for registration.


This year we will have Camporee shirts, pre-order with registration for$15 (sport-wicking material)… you can order them here. Order by Nov. 20th. 


1. Boy Scouts should be doing basic scouts skills throughout the year and be prepared to use them when needed… there will be competitions that include knots, lashings, fire building, and orienteering.

2. We are changing the campsite Gateway competition this year. We will designate an area for all of the troops to build their gateway and they will be given a time on Saturday to build. This will allow us to observe their teamwork and leadership while building the gateway. We are asking troops to have a Gateway team consisting of 4-6 members. We will provide details later, but will expect a certain number and kind of lashings to be included. This will also give a chance for every scout to see all the troops gateways to admire and get new ideas from.

3. Cooking Competition: Each troop may submit one team of 3 youth and one team of 3 adults.  We ask the adults to provide dinner and the youth to provide a dessert…. OH YEAH, AND THEY MUST BE COOKED IN A DUTCH OVEN!!! (Adults and youth do not need to use the same dutch oven.)

4. Troop Historians, we will have the photography scavenger hunt again and we are asking for historical displays of your summer camp experience. 3 years and we have not gotten 100% participation in this. We are looking forward to a display from EVERY troop this year! Just like last year, display should be on a tri-fold just like in the science fairs.

5. C.O.P.E and Climbing will be part of the program this year

6. Patrol Rifle Shooting competition is something we would like to do but we will need help. If you have adults that are certified on the ranges send them our way!

7. Scoutmaster and SPL Shoot Out: Shotgun or Archery???…. We are asking you! We will hold a vote among the SM and SPL of your troops. We want what you want!

8. Chaplain Aides… we want your Chaplain Aides to help with our Sunday Scout Service. So please let them know they will be needed. We would love if every troop was represented with a Chaplain Aide in the service.

9. CAMPFIRE: we ask that every troop have a skit or song prepared for a campfire entertainment competition. Either your entire troop gets involved or just a team representing the troop. We may also have a separate competition amongst the adults and ask for either a song or skit… stay tuned. We will ask for all troops to submit what song and skit they will be doing by noon on Saturday of camporee. 

10. Recognition: based on our discussion after the event last year, we realized that there may have been too much recognition. We will keep it simple, make it fun, and make sure there is just the right amount of recognition.

THEME: Scouting Ninja Warrior ….. further details will be provided soon. But remember, we are looking for the patrols to look unified and have fun. We expect a “Scouting Ninja Warrior Gym Uniform” that will show them unified. They might all be wearing the Camporee shirt, Patrol, or Troop class B shirts but have accessories to set them apart from other patrols. We want to see their creativity.

If you have any questions for now, please let us know.

Patrick Baird
Camporee Chair


Matt Rizer
Camporee SPL

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